Teeth whitening by Smile Brilliant

You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

_dsc2149Today’s blog post is all about smiles and how I can help you gain whiter teeth and as a result, better smiles! I have been using a very special product Smile Brilliant, a teeth whitening kit, for a about 4 weeks now. Being a big coffee lover and drinker and having sensitive teeth, I was always on the lookout for a good, safe and reliable teeth whitening product! So admittedly, I was excited to give this kit a try! I have tried to use over-the-counter products in the past but none really gave me the results I was looking for or because of my teeth sensitivity, I couldn’t use them long enough. And then comes, smile brilliant. These are equivalent to the dentist’s teeth whitening, which easily costs around $500, except you pay 1/3rd the price for this one by doing many of the steps on your own.



_dsc2294So this is how it works –

  1. The company sends you a kit which includes 2 molds (for your upper and lower teeth), paste for creating molds, whitening syringes, whitening and desensitizing gels and an envelope to send your molds back.
  2. In about 2 weeks, you receive your transparent trays back in a small box.
  3. If you have extremely sensitive teeth like I do, you first apply the desensitizing gel a few days before you start your teeth whitening process.
  4. Once you’re ready to start your teeth whitening process, apply the whitening gel on the trays and leave it on your teeth for anywhere between 15 mins to 3 hours. I usually leave it on for about 30 mins to 45 mins.
  5. After you’re done, wash off your teeth with water and brush.
  6. And then voila, in about a week or a little more, I started seeing incredible results and could not believe that an at-home product could be so effective. I continued using it for about 4 weeks and the results truly speak for themselves.

As embarrassed at I am at the pre-whitening yellow-ness of my teeth, I am truly astounded by the results! A product definitely worth investing in!

Also, it’s GIVEAWAY time!! The company has been very kind to give one lucky winner a teeth whitening kit worth $139.95!  Enter your information here and press submit to stand a chance to win this! Giveaway valid till 10/9/16.

Others can also get 5% off your purchase of the product by using the coupon code – projectvivre

Know more about the product – 


Reviews/ testimonials

Things to know before buying the product

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Color blocking with SheInside


_dsc2416Happy first day of fall, y’ll!! As baffled as I am about us already being close to finishing 9 months of the year, I am excited for the change.. change of seasons and a change of city for the husband and I. We made our big change to Atlanta earlier this month and have been loving it here. The weather is lovely (even though it’s still hot with the occasional downpour), the people are so friendly and welcoming and the variety of food…. I better not go there. haha

And today being the official first day of fall, I am presenting to you an absolute fall staple for your closet. We all need light jackets for our fall wardrobe and I personally prefer tones that go with the season, like tan, burgundy, wine, shades of brown and black etc. Call it cliche, but those colors are quintessential fall for me. So even though I like these fall colors, I do find it boring to wear just one color as my fall jacket. And that’s where a color block coat comes to my rescue. I am a big color buff and you’d find pretty much every color in my wardrobe. So keeping my love for colors and quintessential fall hues for the season, I picked this color block coat for my collaboration with SheInside. Color block coats are super trendy for fall/ winter and help breaking the monotony of plain coats to give that much needed color respite in those dark, gloomy days. Actually, color blocks have made statements on many runways as well, and not just with the darker hues but with super bright ones as well. So until I get the courage to wear an extremely bright color block combination, I am just going to revel in the goodness of my quintessential fall one, like this from Shein. The coat is actually of a really good quality and the colors are exactly what you see in the pictures. It’s simple, light-weight and trendy. I think I can safely say – “Fall, I am ready for ya!”.




_dsc2418   Photography : The Husband

Color block coat – c/o SheInside

Light full sleeve black tee – J C Penny

Corduroy black skirt – Lulu’s (similar)

Tan crossbody bag – SheInside (great option!!!!)

Leopard pumps – DSW (similar)

Sunnies – Forever21

Necklace – Charlotte Russe (similar)

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‘Fall’ ing for pastels!

_dsc2362Pastels have always been an eternal favorite of mine.. they are the shade that I would call my ‘go-to hues’ in times of doubt or one that I know will never let me down. A classic for me, you could say. But I was always stumped when fall came around cuz as much as I loved these shades, I never really could wrap my head around the idea of wearing pastels in fall! Until last year, that is. Fall pastels have made the runway across all the top fashion weeks since 2014 actually.. so it would be safe to say that this trend has been around for a while now! In collaboration with Sammydress, I decided to finally give this pastel fall trend a try! And can I just say how pleased I am that I finally did!?! I almost feel more unrestricted.. like I am not just bound by the darker hues of autumn/ winter and I can just wear more of these “happy colors”. And this icy blue would actually not have been my first pick for a pastel shade..I tend to gravitate more towards the shades of pink but this is another first for me! Especially for an outerwear, one like this feels really refreshing!

Autumn can be the start of a very beautiful but gloomy season, especially this year after the immense heat and long summer we’ve had. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I just might be ready for fall! And now I am even more thrilled to continue trying out more pastel tones for this season. For now, this scoop neck 3/4 sleeve short jacket seems like one of the easiest pieces for transitioning into fall effortlessly, especially in the beginning of the season where you’re still probably dreaming and wishing for more happy summer colors. So if you’ve been like me, hiding behind burgundy (my fave fall color) during autumn, it’s time to step out into the bright runway of pastel hues waiting for you!_dsc2377



Photography : The Husband 

Icy blue 3/4 sleeve short jacket – c/o Sammydress

White denims – Nordstrom (similar)

Grey clutch – Lulu’s (similar)

Nude pumps – Nordstrom (similar)

Sunnies – H & M

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Comfort x style = win win

As I put this outfit together one piece at a time, in my head first and then in reality.. I couldn’t help but ponder over how truly liberating this top made me feel. I think ruffles have a way of doing that. Their very style is flowy and free-ing, in a way where I feel for some reason I can just truly be myself in it. They sit so effortlessly on you and help you make such a statement, but at the same time by not being too loud.

_dsc2171And as I thought more of this look and how liberating in a way it made me feel, I also couldn’t help but think about how many times we all, especially as fashion bloggers, put style ahead of comfort?! Style is great.. on screen and in reality too, but how much style is too much to the point where we’re pushing the boundaries of our own comfort?


But that’s definitely not a question for an outfit like this one.. especially one that’s perfect for a hot summer day! The ruffled Over the Shoulder and shorty white shorts are just what you’ll need to get a respite from the heat and stay stylishly comfortable at the same time.



Ruffled OTS – SheInside

White shorts – J.Crew (similar)

Caged heels – Express

Envelope clutch – Century 21 (similar)

Sunnies – c/o Zaful

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End of summer OTS

With it being time for summer to slowly slip away, I am enjoying every last bit of the sunshine. But this year is going to be very different.. the husband and I made a big move from the North to the South. We just moved to Atlanta and are absolutely loving the vibe of this city. So even though it’s time to say good-bye to summer, Atlanta seems to have a pretty tight grip on it so I’m guessing I can get away with it for just a little bit longer. One of the best trends of this year hands-down has to be Over The Shoulder and I don’t think any of us have had enough of it yet. It’s a trend in which even a plain white top can be transformed to look very chic.. And talking about an OTS striped romper, I was SOLD!



This romper from Zaful is under $15 and is a perfect piece for a casual outing. One of my most favorite things to do with an OTS top is to tie my hair up.. I feel like it enhances all that OTS action. I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple to let the romper and OTS do all the talking!



Romper – Zaful

White pumps – Steve Madden at DSW

White bag – Aldo (similar)

Sunnies – c/o Zaful

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