Review – Zaful

Another summer look, another floral piece.. that’s the first thing that comes to mind, right?! Not. Not for this outfit from Zaful!! When I saw this amazing floral romper, I knew I had to have it. For so many reasons! I love it when my summer outfits have something white in them and this romper looked so summery (sans the bright colors) with the blue and white floral print on it!Floral2


I am always skeptical about how a romper fits and these are the woes of online shopping! Sometimes, rompers can be longer in length than you’d like and have an odd fitting to it but I have to say that this piece totally exceeded my expectations! From the first time I put it on, it has fit me so seamlessly and absolutely perfectly! It is true to size so there’s no room for stretch at all and I am wearing a size S here. I wondered if the quality may not be great because this one was less than $25, but there too, nothing has been spared. The material is great and really soft, you can’t help but wonder how such a great piece is priced so well!!! The delivery for the outfit was very quick – I received it in less than a week!




Floral5And Zaful also has some other fantastic options on their website – I actually found it hard to pick just one item there! This look is definitely one that’s going to be on repeat for me!!So if you’re looking for another website to spend your time and $$ on (wink wink), Zaful is a great option for you!

Floral romper – c/o Zaful

Sunnies – c/o Rosegal

Cape blazer – c/o SheInside

Nude pumps – Aldo (similar)

Pink crossbody – sold out in pink, linked a gray option SheInside (similar)

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Black sleeveless blazer

Out with the old, in with the bold. Vest2

Vest7As we see more and more styles come and go, our own sense of fashion evolves. What was in yesterday, might literally be out tomorrow and with all these changing trends, we find ourselves slowly (but surely!) becoming more and more fashion forward. Plain jeans are not so plain anymore, but are ripped instead, and blazers don’t necessarily have sleeves anymore, but are sleeveless. In life, I have always been one to not just be open to change but to fully embrace it.. and I have applied the same principle in my fashion sense as well. More ripped the jeans, the better, for example. Lol. And this summer look, that could be very basic.. has been made bold and very fashion forward instead. Blue jeans, and a plain white tee with a blazer has been replaced with ultra ripped denims, a gray cami and a sleeveless blazer instead. Even what would earlier have been black strappy heels has been replaced with nude caged heels instead. Vest3One of my favorite pieces for summer has been the off-beat blazers! Be it your cape blazer or this sleeveless one from SheInside, they are so versatile and are uber chic. Since this sleeveless blazer has a very edgy yet sophisticated look to it, I chose to pair it with my super ripped denims and give the look a bit of attitude with these nude caged heels. And how amazing are these black sunnies from Zaful? These black metal bar sunnies are amazing quality and they go with everything! Vest4

Black sleeveless blazer – c/o SheInside

Gray cami – Kohl’s (similar)

Ripped denims – Forever 21 (similar)

Sunnies – c/o Zaful

Nude caged heels – Lulu’s (similar)

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Collaboration with Rosegal – 2

As I bring this all white look – which to me represents ‘purity’, I want to introduce you all to a term called ‘Ubuntu’, in case you are not already aware of it. I read about this term in the  Oprah magazine, July 2016 edition and fell in love with the article that talked about it.White3And here’s the gist of the whole idea –

We have all heard and believed in the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’ as far as evolution of man is concerned, right? Even for all of us, we were set up for a lifetime of comparison and competition literally from our first breath. And as we step into adulthood and the working world, we’re still probably doing that.. comparing, almost reflexively. And with all this comparison, there might come a tinge of envy.. that green-eyed monster we’re all aware of. Some say that the dog-eat-dog mind-set is natural law.. and it may even be accepted in certain places. But not in parts of Rural South Africa. There they practice something called ‘Ubuntu’ instead. The word has no direct English translation but it essentially means ‘I am because we are’.  To quote from the magazine – ‘Ubuntu’ reminds us that humans didn’t become a dominant species by competing, but by cooperating. In small villages surrounded by threatening wild animals, each person is precious there, and sharing brings abundance. If one villager learns a skill, say- a new way of growing food – she benefits more from teaching others than from using her knowledge to compete against them.

How beautiful is that?! Another practice of Ubuntu is that when someone does something wrong, he is taken to the center of the village and surrounded by his tribe for two days while they speak of all the good he has done. They believe each person is good, yet sometimes we make mistakes, which is really a cry for help. They unite in this ritual to encourage the person to reconnect with his true nature. The belief is that unity and affirmation have more power to change behavior than shame and punishment. This is known as Ubuntu – humanity towards others. White5Enough with the serious talk right?! And coming right back to fashion. This look is inspired by the wonderful Janna Doan’s all white look from a few months ago. This girl has some seriously classy taste! So for collaborating with Rosegal, I thought I’d do my very own summer version of it.. white shorts, a not so plain white top and white sneaks. Of course, added the Chloe dupe to throw in some of that color. This lace white top is such a great alternative to a plain white one and is available as ‘one size’ on their website. I love how easily it fits, it’s an absolutely no-fuss top. So this is my easy-breezy summer casual look with all the right amounts of statement somethings thrown in there. White2

White lace top  – c/o Rosegal

Golden metal bar sunnies – c/o Rosegal

White shorts – Gap factory

White sneaks – Forever 21 (similar)

Cross body bag -sold out!😦  Forever 21 (similar)

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Collaboration with Rosegal

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” – Dr. Seuss.Gingham1This quote instantly comes to my mind when I look at this very off-beat, open back gingham top from Rosegal. And I can’t help but reflect upon this quote in our very own lives. So many times, so many choices are made in life in an attempt to stick with convention or in an attempt to “fit in”. But in times like these in life, when we’re presented with a choice between our head and our heart, what’s one got to do?! How do we learn to put our fears aside and decide to take the road less traveled? We all come across situations like these that demand us to make that choice.. And if there’s one thing I have learnt from being observant about life and choices is that, first, we always have a choice. Very rarely do we not have a choice in life. And second, our choices become habitual. If we let ourselves to take a certain path, we are more inclined in the future to make similar choices and take those paths, unless we learn to break the cycle. But then again, every time, every decision, we have that choice. And this is one of the most beautiful things about life that I love, the fact that we can always choose.. choose to remain the same or choose to change for good. Gingham3While we’re on the subject of unconventional and change, this open back gingham top has all my heart! I love the back of this top, although the front has a bit more flare than I would have liked. I am wearing a size S here. Gingham has been trending for a while now, and is a bold print in my opinion. But with prints like these, the good thing is that if you carry it off, it makes a statement all on its own. If you have not checked out Rosegal, you definitely should because they have a very wide collection, across all price ranges to shop from. They have these amazing filter options on the side, that helps with choosing the price point and the colors you’re looking at. Shopping with them was easy and delivery was very quick – less than 5 days or so. I chose to pair this outfit with a bright red clutch and similar toned pumps, giving it the effect to stand out a bit more. And these metal bar sunnies are all the rave now – I have them in black and in golden! Gingham2


Gingham open back top – c/o Rosegal

Metal bar golden sunnies – c/o Rosegal

Blue jeans – Levi’s

Pumps – Ivanka Trump (similar)

Red bag – Nordstrom (similar)

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My makeup brush set review

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! The weather in the Philly area has been surprisingly pleasant – cloudy pretty much all day on Saturday, which made it absolutely wonderful for walking outdoors and Sunday was not bad either!

Today I wanted to do a quick review about this amazing product that I received to try out – these oval make up brushes! I have always been game to try out new products, because you never know which one’s a true gem.. and I have to say that this make up brush set is definitely right there! I am not a big make up person, but I do love to do my basic routine when I’m stepping out. And these brushes are soo helpful with that! _DSC1939

I tried these brushes over the weekend and used it for my makeup routine for the upcoming posts this week. And this is how I used them –

I basically used the larger ones for my foundation – whether it was liquid or just dabbing light powder in the end. The brushes felt so incredibly soft on my skin – almost like velvet, and so easy to hold on to and apply. The softness of the brush made the application of the liquid foundation layer on smoothly not leaving any lines or blotches around – it beautifully evened out with not much effort.

I used the middle sized ones for the application of the concealer under my eyes and the inner parts of my eyes. Because of the grip on the handles of the brushes and how well they are sized, the application of all this was actually even easier than a beauty blender. They easily went right into the nook without me having to mess my fingers.

And finally, the smallest ones are great for any spot correction (like the zit I got this week!😐 ) And apparently can also be used to smudge your lipstick – which I didn’t try though.

But overall,  I feel like that this set is amazing – it grips on strong, feels absolutely great on the skin (super soft) and blends beautifully! And the cherry on the cake – it’s less than $30!

Oval make up brush set – c/o My make up brush set

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time. xoxo